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PRR221 TPU 92

Product group: Profile rings

Seal material
TPU 92 Shore A

Operational limits
-40 °C to +120 °C

The PRR221 profile ring is used as a static seal, often as an alternative to an O-ring/backup ring combination. Furthermore, problems relating to the torsion of the sealing element are eliminated. In addition, the PRR221 is not susceptible to gap extrusion, pressure peaks and dirt effects. Increased service life is expected as a result. Easy installation is another advantage.

Areas of application
Profile Rings 221 are used in many hydraulic cylinders, including mobile hydraulics, hydraulic presses, injection-molding machines and valves.

Good chemical resistance to:
– Hydraulic oils in accordance with DIN 51524 Part 1-3
– Lubricating oils and greases based on mineral oils
– Flame-resistant hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC in accordance with VDMA 24317

Any damage to the profile ring must be avoided during installation. Otherwise, optimal sealing function is not assured. Grooves, cavities and scratches on the sealing surface must be eliminated. Foreign bodies such as dust, dirt, metal shavings or other particles must be removed. Threaded tips must be covered with the help of a mounting aid. Depending on the circumstances, the mounting tools should be made of soft material (e.g. POM) and be free of sharp edges.

– Low mechanical deformation of the cross-section under pressure loads
– No torsion of the seals in the groove
– Easy handling during installation
– Low susceptibility to gap extrusion
– No relative movement in the groove during pressure pulsation
– Low leakage even with low viscosity media
– Minimal cross-section deformation
– One seal replaces O-ring/backup ring combination

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